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Over the past 10 years, I (Sam) have grown accustomed to the fact that I have brain damage. I am also aware of those who struggle with this. Although I get all the medical help I need from the NHS, something that was not there was support with the more social aspects of my life. 

I have a fantastic family and friend group base who have been there to support me throughout. The whole point of AcquiredMinds is to reach out offer a forum for those who are struggling, with any form of brain injury or condition. We also hold group events where we can meet up and share our experiences.


In the future, with your help, AcquiredMinds will grow, and I want there to be weekly groups around the area where people like me can meet up with similar people with similar experiences, and help each other out. 


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Sam Lloyd

Sam is the CEO and Co-founder of AcquiredMinds. 


Kane Baker

Kane is the Co-founder and Chair of AcquiredMinds.


Alan Whone

Alan was Sam's Consultant and now Patron of AcquiredMinds.